Thousands of different kinds of events are organized all over the world every day. Food events, music festivals, sports competitions and corporate trade shows are some examples just to mention a few.

No matter what type of event it is, they all share some characteristics:

  • People usually visit the events with people they know, like family, friends or colleagues. Or they might visit an event to meet potential clients or partners.
  • The events tend to be overcrowded.
  • The events include some form of sale of tickets.
  • Also, there are many happenings occurring at the same time.

We have developed four examples of functionalities which can be integrated into any event mobile application, in order for the visitors to maximize their time spent at the event. All functionalities are possible to create with Matchmore.

Find your peers

We all know that it can be hard to keep track of your friends, family members or colleagues when you visit a big event. Your friends might not want to see or do the same things as you, so you usually end up alone in the jungle of other visitors. Or you might be at a trade show, and see that a potential partner whom you would like to meet is nearby. The Find your peers functionality will easily guide you to your peers.


Thanks to GPS, you will be able to receive an overview of all your nearby friends connected to the event app. You will be able to see the distance in meters as well as in minutes. The functionality will also offer the user directions to your close-by friends. It's also possible to decide yourself if you want to share your location with others or not. This can be updated in the settings. Here, you can also choose who of your friends' locations you would like to see.

Crowd Management

At some events, there can be thousands of people at the same place at the same time. As a visitor, we all know how stressful that can be. And as an organizer, you see overcrowded areas as security risks. With the Crowd Management functionality integrated into the event app, the stressful feeling and the security risk can be reduced.


With the Crowd Management functionality, the visitors will be able to receive an overview of the event area covered with a heatmap based on all visitors' locations. The heatmap will show where there is a lot of people, and where there are fewer people. This can be done with GPS outdoors or with Beacons in an indoor setting. The functionality would also make it possible to estimate the average waiting time for food stands or bathrooms. Wouldn't be nice to know the average time you have to spend in line in order to get a beer?

Additionally, as an organizer of the event, you would be able to manage crowds through incentives. Let's assume there is an overcrowded area, as an organizer of the event, you will be able to send out incentives to the visitors in order for them to relocate. How about attracting people to another location with nice prices on ice cream a hot summer day?

Last minute ticket selling

A common problem for visitors is to find last minute tickets. You might decide at the very last second that you want to visit the event, and need to find a ticket nearby. And as an organizer, you don't have the control of the reselling market of your tickets. It's difficult to monitor maximum prices, fake tickets sales or get the statistics of reselling. Thanks to the Last minute selling functionality, these issues can be solved easily.


As a buyer or as a seller of a ticket, the app will ask you to fill in your requirements such as event name, ticket type, and maximum or minimum price. If you are a buyer, you will receive a location-based overview of people nearby selling tickets within your preferred price range. It works the same way around for sellers, except that they mark the minimum price they are willing to sell their tickets for. The transactions will be performed through the organizer's system, which minimizes the risk of fake tickets.

As an organizer, you will be able to monitor the reselling of the tickets. Potential problems such as unacceptable prices and fake tickets will be reduced. Also, there will be an ability to receive statistics on the reselling of tickets.

Special announcements

As mentioned earlier, at large events there are often happenings occurring at the same time. There is always a risk you might miss out on something. With the functionality Special announcements, the visitors will stay updated with the latest information in real-time.


As a visitor, you will be updated with the latest news and the best offers specialized for you, based on your location and preferences. You might get special offers on food, warnings if you enter overcrowded areas or notifications if you are close to a concert you might like. You will receive smart notifications only for the topics you decide you would like to be informed about.

As an organizer of an event, you will be able to send out personalized information to your visitors based on their location and preferences, so you can provide the best event experience for each visitor.

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