Tech events in May 2018

We gained a lot of valuable insights from the tech events we attended in the month of April. It is now time to outline the tech events we plan to participate in May. There is one very niched this month! Click and read!

Tech events in May 2018

We attended four different tech events in the month of April. They all varied in size, field of focus as well as place. We went to Seedstars Summit in Lausanne, App Builders Switzerland in Lugano, IoT Tech Expo Global in London as well as eCom in Geneva. We gained a lot of valuable insights from each of the events.

But now, the month of May is here with new opportunities to gain even more valuable insights at new events. While many of the past events have targeted a large crowd within a broad tech focus, there is one event this month which is quite niched - The SPOT 2018 organized by ThinkSport Network. Continue to read to see why this event is different from the other tech events we plan to attend in May!

Where: Berlin, Germany
When: May 13-16, 2018
What: UIKonf is an independent conference for serious iOS developers. For the year of 2018, it will be the 6th time the conference takes place. UIKonf includes inspiring speakers with cutting-edge topics in iOS development, mobile design and business.

UIKonf offers a special setup regarding the speakers for the exhibition. The organizers of UIKonf chose half of the speakers, and the other half is selected by their community through an anonymous call for proposals system.

We got our tickets a long time ago, and at the moment all tickets are sold out. But it is possible to join the waiting list here.

The SPOT 2018
Where: Lausanne, Switzerland
When: May 15-16, 2018
What: Organized by ThinkSport and SwissTech Convention center, The SPOT 2018 is a new initiative, uniting the creativeness and the expertise of business, sport, academia, media, IOs, NGOs, as well as the public. The event aims to stimulate development in the sports industry by bringing together original ideas and the latest innovations from both inside and outside the sports industry. The SPOT is a must-attend event for everybody with an interest or stake in sport, physical activity and technology, and for those keen to think outside the box.

The SPOT 2018 includes an unconventional conference and a substantial workshop program, a marketplace and a demo zone, a start-up contest for new entrepreneurs in the industry as well as numerous networking opportunities designed to create and facilitate cross-sector partnerships and projects.

Just imagine what you can create with sport and geomatching! Do as we already did and purchase your pass here.

Where: Gdansk, Poland
When: May 22-23, 2018
What: InfoShare is where developers, start-uppers, investors, executives, innovation leaders, marketers, and media can share their stories and make the ideas happen. InfoShare will let participants find knowledge and inspiration, form meaningful relations and create a truly innovative technological society.

The event includes 6 000+ attendees, 150+ speakers, 500+ start-ups and 12 side events. There are six different stages as well as three additional workshop stages, filled with speakers during both days. Some of the topics for developers include frontend, security, ML/AI, Java, cloud, DevOps, backend, blockchain, .NET, career and C++.

Buy your pass to InfoShare here!

Viva Technology
Where: Paris, France
When: May 24-26, 2018
What: "The world's rendezvous for start-ups & leaders" is the main message from the organizer of this huge event in Paris. Here, it is possible to meet and collaborate with executives in different industries, connect with top VCs to raise funds as well as develop partnerships with booming start-ups. The possibilities are endless.

There will be 80 000+ attendees, 8 000+ start-ups, 1 400+ investors, 1 500+ journalists and 103 different countries all in all represented at the conference. A specific event during VivaTech is TechCrunch's Startup Battlefield Europe 2018, which will take place May 24th in front of live judges as well as be live-streamed on TechCrunch.

Get your ticket today here.

If you are attending any of these conferences in May and would like to meet up for a coffee or just a chat to discuss geomatching, let us know by sending me an email at, and I will hook you up with us!