Welcome to Matchmore!

Benoît Garbinato is a co-founder of Matchmore. In this very first blog post, Benoît discusses the upcoming era in terms of connected objects in the world, the vision and mission of Matchmore and the purpose of this blog. Stay tuned!

Welcome to Matchmore!

After months of intense development, our new cloud service for creating highly dynamic proximity-based applications is now live! This is the result of a collective effort from a team of great people, so I want to start the first post of this blog by thanking them all!


At Matchmore, we believe that a new computing era is about to start, stemming from the fast growing number of connected objects surrounding us. We also believe that this upcoming era will require a new blend of cloud-based software platform to build robust and scalable applications taking advantage of those connected objects.

Indeed, now that we all know there is room for more than 5 computers in the world1, a key question is then how many should we expect to see in the coming years? According to several sources, by 2020 the number of connected objects, most of which can be considered full-fledged computers, will be around 30 billions and could reach 75 billions in 2025.

The next key question is then: what cloud-based software platform should be used to create applications making the most of this enormous distributed systems consisting of billions of mobile and connected objects packed with sensors?

Since its inception, the computer industry has experienced the same situation over and over again, as noted in 1972 by Edgster Dijkstra in his Turing Award Lecture entitled “The Humble Programmer”. In this talk, Dijkstra ironically noted that since its outset, the hardware industry had not solved a single problem but only created the problem for the software industry to use its products. One should of course take this statement with a grain of salt but this is somehow where we stand again today when it comes to the fast-growing world of mobile connected objects.

As this new computing era is becoming a reality, Matchmore aims at becoming the leading cloud- based software platform supporting the creation of highly dynamic proximity-based applications. At the heart of our vision is the notion of geomatching, which builds on the location-based publish/subscribe communication model.


Our goal is to provide tools that dramatically simplify and accelerate the development, testing and deployment of rich application scenarios based on multiple moving and connected objects, making such applications the new low hanging fruits of the mobile app industry.

So if you want to be among the first developers to collect those low hanging fruits, do not hesitate to register for our beta program today!

In upcoming posts, we will discuss in more details how a wide variety of application scenarios can benefit from geomatching, as well as other interaction patterns built on top of our cloud-based software platform. In addition to this, this blog will also publish posts about the company in general terms.

Stay tuned...

Benoît Garbinato
Co-founder of Matchmore

1 Thomas J. Watson, president of IBM is often reported to have said in 1943 that there was a world market for maybe five computers, although there is little evidence he actually said that, at least that way.