Why this blog?

Sofia Björklöv is responsible for marketing and communication at Matchmore. In this blog post, she explains the purpose of the blog and gives some examples of upcoming topic. Happy reading!

Why this blog?

Is there really a purpose of having a blog?

Hi everybody, and YES of course is there a purpose of having a blog. I'm Sofia, and I'm responsible for marketing and communication at Matchmore. This includes the blog, which I'm really happy about. I see a lot of possibilities of this blog, mainly for you as a registered user or soon-to-be a registered user of our service. (Want some first class advice? Sign up and try Matchmore for free here).

The mission of this blog is to facilitate the life of our users by providing useful tutorials and helpful guides. As a tech startup, we know how much time and effort it takes to develop a well structured and a well coded project. Therefore, we genuinely want to help!

This blog will consist of two main categories. The first category will focus on our technology; how to use the service, examples of use cases, best practices and possibilities with the service. Some examples of upcoming blog posts are First mobile app with Matchmore and Getting started with Matchmore: A proximity detection based location app with Swift iOS. But not all blog posts will be as heavy on code. We will also describe and explain new or complex concepts, such as the term Geomatching which is a new and upcoming term. (Yes, there is a an entire blog post dedicated to this term in the pipeline. Hang in there!)

The second category will mainly focus on the development of Matchmore as a startup. We will provide updates when we visit interesting tech conferences, when we participate in relevant meetups and when we launch new releases. An example of this is our game The Steamlink, built in 48h during the Global Game Jam in Geneva in early 2018 .

As our mastermind Benoît Garbinato mentioned in his very first blog post, there is a new and upcoming computing era just around the corner waiting for all of us. As a tech startup, we discuss this new era more or less every day. We try to predict the future (which is obviously quite tricky), but we also discuss how we can use our technology in this upcoming era. We hope that this channel will let us share our ideas with you, and together we can develop our thoughts to create something truly great together.

If you have questions, feedback or if you just want to chat a bit - you're more than welcome to contact me at sofia.bjorklov@matchmore.com.

Happy reading!